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U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Resources

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USNSCC Homeport
USNSCC Homeport Resources and Training Info

Winter, Spring, and Summer Training Lists

*USNSCC Regulations

*USNLCC Regulations


Aurora Division Resources


Forms/Parent Info

All PDF files

Aurora Division Handbook

Aurora Division Community Services Hours Report Form

Parent's Handbook (external link)

New   Absence Request Chit (PDF)

Administrative Request Chit

Awards Request Chit


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

All PDF files

Attendance Policy (updated 3/10/08)

Cadet of the Year Selection (updated 3/10/08)

Community Service Requirement (updated 3/10/08)

Developing & Distributing PODs (updated 3/10/08)

Division Muster Procedures

Quarterdeck Watch Procedures

Ship's Log Entry Requirement (updated 3/10/08)


Recruiting Tools

All PDF files

Aurora Division Brochure (color)

Aurora Division Brochure (black & white)

"An Adventure of a Lifetime" Poster (color)

"It's An Adventure" Poster (black & white)



General Resources

*Advancement Requirements (external link)

*Fitness Standards (external link)

New   Fitness Standards Chart

General Orders

How to Tie Various Knots (external link)

Phonetic Alphabet (external link to PDF)

*Sea Cadet Ships Store (external link)

Semaphore (external link to Powerpoint Presentation)

Semaphore Signal Checker (Interactive) (external link)

Flagship Event Judging Criteria (PDF)

Cadences, from LT Timothy Marinelli, CEC, USN  (PDF)


Uniform Resources

*Sea Cadet Rank Insignia (external link)

Placement of Shoulder Flashes, Rank Insignia, Name Tapes, & Military Creases  (PDF)

Sea/League Cadet Ribbon Chart (external link)

*Sea Cadet Ribbon Checker (external link)

Name Tapes for Uniforms (external link)

*League Cadet Ribbon Checker (external link)

BDU/CUU (Camoflage) Uniforms (PDF)

Uniform Care & Laundering Instructions (PDF)

*How Do I ... on Homeport (external link)

USNSCC Male Grooming Standards (PDF)

U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps Enlisted Ranks (PDF)