12-13 September 2009 Joint Bivouac and Marksmanship Training in Indiana

Illiana or Indi-noise?

Whatever you want to call it, the joint bivouac combining the Aurora Division Sea Cadets with the Arleigh Burke Division of Indianapolis added up to lots of learning and fun! We camped in Michigan City, Indiana and played volleyball, ate MRE's, did night maneuvers and downed outstanding camp cuisine prepared by master gourmet Instructor Claus ably assisted by Mr. Travalik and helpful cadet cooks.

We sure needed that energy (and a bit of sleep too) for a full day of learning and competition at the Valparaiso Pistol and Rifle Club. Congrats to the cadets earning marksmanship ribbons for their uniforms and special thanks from both divisions to our hosts at the club for a safe and fun experience.


Public Affairs Officer

Aurora Division

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