Life Lessons and Marching with Mac

"More stripes than a tiger" was what Aurora Division Sea Cadets saw when they got the chance to spend a day with retired Marine Corps Sgt. Major Mac Elvington, who graciously volunteered his weekend to visit from Virginia and teach about marching, the military and more than a little about life.

It started in the classroom with a get acquainted session and the important lesson that wherever you go in life, your achievements and mistakes follow. Mac counseled that drug use can muddy your present and mess up your future, whether it be in the White House, the military or your community.

Next we moved outside to learn close order drill (along with cadets from the Cruiser Milwaukee Division) in a basic and progressive way that the Sgt. Major has taught midshipmen, officer candidates and raw enlisted recruits for decades. The weekend ended with Mac passing some of the same lessons on to local and regional USNSCC officers and instructors ... and that "life is all about who you hang with" and putting your shipmates before yourself. We'll be sure and thank our parents for providing our uniforms and sea cadet adventures, another life lesson.

Thank you Sar-Major!


OPS/PAO, Aurora Division

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