Midwest Flagship Competition 2008:

16-18 May

Thank you:

*Mr. Claus, Mr. & Mrs. Koehnke, Mr. & Mrs. Travalik, and Mr. & Mrs. Luka for driving our cadets to/from NAVSTA Great Lakes.

*Mrs. Luka for photos.

Our Crew:

*Cadets Brookins, Cabe-Brookins, Claus, Decoto-Glass, Jackman, Koehnke, Lange, Solecki, Travalik, A. Villarreal, and Wayeshe.

*Adults LTJG Cabe, ENS McClure, and INST Claus.

Aurora Division's Results:

*Close Order Drill (308 pts) 5th Place

*Firefighting (303 pts) 9th Place

*Color Guard (356 pts) 5th Place

*Semaphore (196 pts) 5th Place

*Boat Fender Relay (305 pts) 9th Place

*Heaving Line Toss (120 pts) tied for 8th Place

*Line Handling (75 pts) 10th Place

*Marlinespike Seamanship (153 pts) 11th Place

*First Call (384 pts) 4th Place

*Stokes Stretcher (205 pts) 11th Place

*Bermuda Rectangle (278 pts) 8th Place

*Overall Score (2,683 pts) 10th Place

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