**It was a triple play day for the Aurora Division. We participated in two parades at the same time, then provided a color guard in the evening for the Kane County Cougars!! This was quite an accomplishment, considering the current size of our division.

**Aurora: Color Guard (PO2 Erb, SN Jackman, SA Litrenta, & LC-2 Lange) plus 3 officers (LTJG Kobleur, LTJG Dooley, & MIDN Mosely) and 2 instructors (Jackman & Dooley).

**Villa Park: Color Guard (PO2 Miller, SN Glass, SA King, & SA Koehnke) plus 1 officer (CWO Bonus) and 1 instructor (Glass).

**Kane County Cougars: Color Guard (PO2 Erb, SN Jackman, SA McCarthy, & LC-2 Lange) plus 1 officer (CWO Bonus) and 1 instructor (Jackman).


*CWO Bonus for coordinating this extremely busy day.

*LTJG Dooley for photos and hydration at the Aurora Parade.

*Mrs. Luka for photos at the Kane County Cougars.

*all our parents for getting the cadets to all these events. I hope you're all as proud of them as the officers are!

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