**Mrs. Koehnke for coordinating the reception and assembling the Missing Man Table.

**Mrs. Koehnke, Mrs. Luka, and Mrs. Bradley-Lang for the cake and refreshments during the reception.

**Mrs. Koehnke and Sarah Dooley for these photos.

**Distinguished Visitors: CAPT William Parsons, USNR(ret), USNSCC Headquarters Representative Midwest; LT Don Farrimond, NSCC, USNSCC Region 9-1 Associate Director;

CAPT William Glynn, USN (ret), NLUS Northwest Great Lakes Area President; Mr. Mike Simons, NLUS Aurora Council President; LTJG Steve Morrow, NSCC, Commanding Officer, Maj. John Borling Division and his cadets; LTJG Luis Medina, NSCC, Commanding Officer, Carl Stockholm Battalion;

ENS Katherine Fox, NSCC, Executive Officer, Carl Stockholm Battalion; ENS Michael Fuller, NSCC, Training Officer, Gen. Colin Powell Division; PO2 James Morrow, NSCC, Leading Petty Officer, Maj. John Borling Division and five cadets

**The Dooley and Kobleur families for sharing their husbands/fathers with the division

**The officers and cadets of the Aurora Division

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