Aurora's own PO3 James Dooley's training of a lifetime!

*Selection for the cruise was made along the same lines as a foreign exchange; 2 Sea Cadets were selected for this leg of the trip. In addition, a pair of Canadian Sea Cadets were aboard.

*PO Dooley boarded the Eagle in Wilmington, NC on 25 July, along with a group of 1st year Midshipmen from the Coast Guard Academy. While in Wilmington they participated in a festival honoring Wilmington as a Coast Guard City.

*28 July - 1 August they were underway to Norfolk, VA. VADM Hull, USCG Atlantic Area Commander, was aboard and participated as an active member of the crew, hauling lines and doing whatever was needed. In Norfolk, the 1st year Midshipmen debarked and a new group of 1st years boarded. Capt. Shaw took over for Capt. Luke as CO of the Eagle.

*4-8 August they were underway to Annapolis, MD. They tied up at the U.S. Naval Academy for the weekend, and PO Dooley and his fellow USNSCC cadet attended an admissions meeting and toured the campus. The 1st year Midshipmen debarked, and another group of 1st year Midshipmen (swabs) boarded.

*11-15 August they were underway to Philadelphia, PA.

PO Dooley's selection shows what you can accomplish when you set goals and work to achieve them. What do YOU want to get out of the Sea Cadets?

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