Aurora Division 2007 Annual Inspection and Awards Ceremony

23 February 2008


All cadets involved are to be commended.  Our overall score was 3.499 -- the C.O. is pleased, but all present realize there are things we can do to improve for next year.


THANK YOU to our special guests:

  • Senior Inspecting Officer/Senior Regional Director, LCDR Richard Cox, NSCC

  • Inspecting Officer, Region 9-1 Director, LCDR Daniel Wayeshe, NSCC

  • West Aurora District 129 Board Member, Mr. Jonathon Wood

Our scores for each area were:

  • Personnel Inspection 3.754

  • Training 4.0

  • Administration 4.0

  • Enrollment/Retention 2.096

  • Regional Director's eval 4.0

  • Inspecting Officer's eval 4.0

  • NHQ Eval 4.0

During the post-inspection debriefing, LCDR Cox told the division basically the same thing he's been saying the past 5 years -- we can compete against anyone in the region in regards to personnel inspection (but a 4.0 on this is our goal!), or any other area, BUT the division must have 25 Sea Cadets to compete. As you can see, the area needing the most improvement is recruiting/retention. We need an ALL HANDS effort to make the unit grow. Remember, you earn a Recruiting Incentive Ribbon for each cadet you bring aboard. Middle school age is ideal, as we increase the number of NSCC cadets almost immediately, yet they will have several years to go in the division. DON'T JUST BRING SOMEONE IN FOR THE SAKE OF ADDING BODIES -- if they don't stay, it won't help us or them. Be honest about the program, and if they're not interested, don't browbeat them into coming -- but help the unit grow!! NHQ has announced a new program, called Three Friends. If you recruit 3 friends to join the division, you will get A FREE TRAINING DEPOSIT. That's right, your next training is free!!

Again, THE C.O. IS HAPPY, but looking forward to bigger and better things next year.



Major Award Issued


NLUS Medal

Glass Award

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The Navy League Youth Medal was awarded to Petty Officer Amanda Glass, who received the honor when she was named the Aurora Division NSCC Cadet of the Year 2007.



Other Awards Issued


NSCC Crest INST Jo Ellen Glass was named the Aurora Division Instructor of the Year for 2007.


PO3 Richard Koehnke & SR Caitlyn Brookins received a Commendation for Perfect Drill Attendance for 2007.

Academic Ribbon

LC-3 Kevin Claus was awarded a Bronze Star for his Academic Achievement Ribbon.

3rd Year Ribbon

PO3 Richard Koehnke was awarded the NSCC 3rd Year Ribbon.

2nd Year Ribbon

INST Joseph Jackman, SN Stephanie Cabe-Brookins, and SA Andrew Villarreal were awarded the NSCC 2nd Year Ribbon.



Special News

Villareal to USMA

In a special moment of the day, SA Andrew Villarreal signs his acceptance letter into the United States Military Academy Preparatory School. After a year there, he will enter the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.



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