Oakhurst Forest Preserve Bivouac

8 - 10 Oct 2005

Oakhurst Forest Preserve, Aurora, IL

  • All cadets that participated completed 8 hours community service and received training in compass reading, small unit tactics, land navigation, and search and rescue. The forest preserve site supervisor was very impressed with the job the cadets did.
  • The weather was, for the most part, nice (especially on Sunday), but it did get chilly at night and the wind blew a fair bit.
  • BRAVO ZULU and thanks to:
    • INST JoEllen Glass for volunteering to chaperone our female cadets.
    • INST Anne Dooley for providing logistical support.
    • Mr. Jackman for transporting cadets and helping at Operation Support Our Troops.
    • Training Officer BU1 Squires for outstanding leadership to our instructors (SN Erickson & SN Squires), and sharing the life of a Bee with the cadets.

Click on the links below to view photo galleries from each day.

Saturday Activities -- 8 Oct 2005

  • Community service at Operation Support Our Troops
  • Campsite set up at Oakhurst Forest Preserve
  • Night operations


Sunday Activities -- 9 Oct 2005

  • Community service at Oakhurst Forest Preserve
  • Training in land navigation, small unit tactics, and search procedures
  • Night operations


Monday Activities -- 10 Oct 2005

  • Campsite take-down and clean up.