Executive Officer WO Kobleur on Foreign Exchange, Hong Kong

12-22 August 2005

  • The USNSCC contingent consisted of WO Kobleur; a PO1 from the Decatur Division in Longview, Washington; and a PO2 from the Commodore Perry Division in Perrysburg, Ohio. Pre-requisites for cadets to attend a Foreign Exchange vary somewhat depending on the specific exchange, but generally include:

    • PO2 or higher

    • Recipient of NSCC Citation

    • Age 16

    • Completion of application packet, which goes thru a competitive review process

  • Countries represented included the USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China (mainland), Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

  • Activities of this exchange included:

    • Represented United States of America in official reviewing stand during 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Hong Kong (“Victory Day Ceremony”, 8 year War of Remembrance).
    • Hong Kong “Central” District Orienteering Exercises/Geo-Scavenger Hunt in mixed country teams.
    • Night Tour, Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island.
    • Water Sports Training and Competition, including Dragon boat races and sea kayaking.
    • Visit to Hong Kong Marine Police HQ for briefing on marine police procedures, anti-smuggling orientation, Police Tactical Control Center operations, and port operations training.
    • Shipboard training at sea aboard Hong Kong Marine Police Training Launch #3 (120’, 400 tons). Received practical training in anti-smuggling procedures, navigation, helm, and port operations.
    • Orientation and familiarization training on anti-smuggling Hong Kong Marine Police Swift Boats. Demonstration of anti-smuggling intercepts by Hong Kong Marine Police. Passenger aboard 60+ knots Swift Boat.
    • Tours of Ocean Park Marine Biology Research Center; Coastal Defense Museum of Hong Kong (Lei Yue Mun Pass); Museum of Hong Kong History; and Mongkok Night Market
    • Represented United States in cultural performance at Hong Kong Sea School.
    • Firefighting/Sea Survival Training at Hong Kong Maritime Services Training Institute. Jump from tower, activation/entry/exit procedures for 8 man liferafts (practical), personal flotation devices, shipboard bridge simulators for day/night training within Hong Kong Harbor in crisis response scenarios (sinking of an LNG tanker, combined ops w/Helos (SAR).
    • HKSCC Annual Camp Cultural Performance (more than 500 cadets present, including 100+ PRC Young Pioneers (Nanjing Chapter). US Contingent delivered onstage performances representative of US culture as part of evening’s cultural exchange activities.
    • Farewell gala atop penthouse, Central Plaza (78 stories, tallest building in Hong Kong). Official closing ceremonies for FX-HK 2005.

I have included these two pictures because I thought the coincidence of their similar compositions was remarkable


Hong Kong 2002

This photo with then PO3 Dooley second from the left was taken in August 2002

Hong Kong 2005

This photo with WO Kobleur second from the right was taken in August 2005