Aurora Division Upcoming Drills and Events


Moving Ship


Regular Drills

  • Schedule will be set on a quarterly basis.

  • Senior Cadets & Officers report at the IBEW Hall at 0730.

  • Remainder of division report at the IBEW Hall at 0745.

  • Any visitors/prospective recruits should arrive at 0900 (be sure to contact the Recruiting Officer ahead of time so we are expecting you; sometimes our plans change at the last minute and are not posted here.)

  • Dismissal at 3:00 pm or when all ship-shape and secured.

  • Always bring your ID, a wristwatch, a lunch, completed answer sheets, PT gear, and your marlinespike line.

  • Unless stated otherwise in a specific POD, the Uniform of the Day is always NWUs or khakis for officers, civilian attire for instructors, and NWUs and appropriate outerwear (NWU parka or raincoat) for cadets.

  • Scroll down and click on the link below the calendar to open or download the current POD and any supporting documents. It is a password protected PDF document.


Aurora Division Calendar

  • The calendar below shows only public events such as drills at the IBEW Hall, parades, Navy League meetings, and off-site activities. It does not show private events like birthdays of the month or certain special events.

  • If the calendar does not display below, try using this link to go to the division calendar at, then use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

  • When viewing the calendar, please note the legend on the first Sunday of the month. The background color will identify the various types of events.

  • If the event description is underlined on the calendar, there is additional information available in a pop-up box. Simply point at and click on the event description to view the information. If you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to adjust your settings.


Download/View the Plan of the Day (POD)

All PDF files unless otherwise noted

Drill Schedule for Sep 2017-June 2018 (rev. 17 Oct 2017)

New   POD for 4 November Drill

POD for 21 October Drill

POD for 7 October Drill

POD for 9 September Drill

Drill Schedule for Sep 2017 -- June 2018 (rev. 18 Jun 2017)

POD for 10 June Drill

Drill Schedule for Sep 2016-June 2017 (rev. 31 May 2017)

POD for 20 May Drill

POD for 22 April Drill

POD for 18 March Drill and Annual Inspection

POD for 21 January 2017 Drill & Field Trip

Parent Permission Form for 21 January 2017 Field Trip

Drill Schedule for Sep 2016 - June 2017 (rev. 18 Jan 2017)

POD for 17 December 2016 Drill

POD for 3 December 2016 Drill

POD for 19 November 2016 Drill

POD for 11 June 2016 Drill

POD for 21 May 2016 Drill

POD for 7 May 2016 Drill

POD for 30 April 2016 Drill

POD for 16 April 2016 Drill

POD for 19 March 2016 Drill

POD for 12 March 2016 Drill

POD for 27 February 2016 Drill

POD for 6 February 2016 Drill

POD for 23 January 2016 Drill

POD for 9 January 2016 Drill

POD for 12 December 2015 Drill

POD for 17 October 2015 Drill

Drill Schedule for August 2015 - June 2016 (revised 6 Jan 2016)



Other Documents

The documents below provide information for upcoming special events such as parades and off-site activities. Select the document from the list below to open an MS-Word Doc or Adobe Reader PDF file; left click to open it, right click and select "Save Target As" to download it to your computer.


General Items

New   Absence Request Chit (PDF)

Release Form for City of Aurora CERT Training (DOC)

Uniform Sizes Request Form


Items for Specific Events

Chicago Air and Water Show 2012 Materials:

 Drivers' Release Form (PDF file)


Loyalty Day Parade in Batavia 2012 Materials:

Line-Up Location (Alpha List) for Loyalty Day Parade (PDF file)

Line-Up Location (List by Unit) for Loyalty Day Parade (PDF file)

Line-Up Location (Map) for Loyalty Day Parade (JPG file)

Loyalty Day Parade Route (JPG file)


Memorial Day Parade 2013 Materials (all PDF):

Line-Up Location and parade Route for Aurora Memorial Day Parade


Veteran's Day Parade 2010 Materials (all PDF):

Veteran's Day Parade 2010 Info


Independence Day Parade 2010 Materials (all PDF):

Line Up Location

Parade Route Map

Parade Rules & Regulations


Flagship 2012 Materials: (all PDF)

General Info

Event Descriptions/Judging Criteria

Seabag List

Driver's Release Form


Joint Drill at NAVSTA Great Lakes 2013 Materials: (all PDF)

Driver's Release Form